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Lawn Care

Scenic Landscaping and Pools has a history of restoring and maintaining attractive lawns - is yours next?

Scenic Landscaping and Pools Has Your Lawn Care Needs Covered

A variety of services are required to have a terrific looking lawn. Our recepe below demonstrates our 'Great Green Lawn' capabilities:

  • Mowing and trimming performed correctly is an art in technique and caring. Scenic Landscaping and Pools will regularly keep your lawn even and manicured because we enjoy improving yard appearances. With Scenic Landscaping and Pools handling your mowing and trimming needs, your lawn will have never looked better!
  • Fertilization is more than just food for hungry plants, it gives them the necessary nutrients they need to flourish. Think about your own body—if you fill your stomach with healthy foods, you have sustained energy and feel good at the end of the day. Fertilizers provide grass with the right combination of nutrients they require to develop a strong root system which results in a carpet of dense attractive grass. We deploy fertilizers designed for the Phoenix valley soils and heat.
  • Irrigation is a key ingredient to a healthy lawn. Believe it or not, overwatering is as detrimental as too little and we see quite a bit of this costly mistake. Scenic Landscaping and Pools will set up an irrigation schedule that suits your lawn's requirement and of course we make sure the sprinkler nozzles are delivering proper water coverage--all included in our maintenance service.
  • Sodding and/or re-sodding is an excellent option for those seeking quick results. If your lawn is looking brown and damaged, laying down a new layer of sod provides near instant improvement. Let us give you a quote!
  • By aerating your lawn it exposes the grass to a higher concentration of water, oxygen and minerals—all the components grass requires to grow stronger and healthier! This is best done in the early spring, but anytime throughout the growing season is very beneficial.

Green Grass is Just a Phone Call Away!

Tired of looking at your neighbor’s healthy lawns and wondering how they do it? Get in touch with us today to schedule your free evaluation!