Artificial Turf in Gilbert

Artificial turf has come a long way since its inception. Once a tacky display of synthetic fibers disliked by purists and environmentalists alike, it is now the sustainable and cost-saving shortcut to a gorgeous landscape. When it comes to artificial grass installation, Scenic Landscaping and Pools is the team for you. Experts in landscape design and ‘lazy lawn’ enthusiasts, we’re Gilbert’s first choice for landscape and property maintenance. Call (480) 313-8500 to request our services.

Artificial Turf Installations

There are many misconceptions about artificial turf in the Gilbert area, all of which we are ready to dispel at a moment’s notice. One misunderstanding is that installing synthetic grass is easy. While synthetic turf maintenance is relatively straightforward, the installation process requires quite a bit of preparation, and the lawn must be applied with great care. While some might feel compelled to simply scatter a base-layer of pebbles and rocks over an existing property and then pull the turf over the sub-base, that’s not the approach we take. The preliminary stages of installation are as thorough as any other lawn care task. First, we remove all the existing sod from the area—and we mean ALL of it. Then we spread a thick sub-base of crushed stone over the area. After grading the base to its smoothest condition, we’re then ready to apply the turf. Without proper installation, the many benefits of artificial turf quickly disappear. A wrinkled turf becomes the perfect place for rainwater to pool. Suddenly, this low-maintenance lawn becomes as burdensome as a regular lawn! To ensure you get the most out of your investment, call Scenic Landscaping and Pools.

Synthetic Grass Lawns

We’ve been grateful to earn the trust of our property owners in the Gilbert area. They call on us for all their landscaping needs, whether it is related to their irrigation system, their hedges, or the health of their trees. These clients of ours are more than just customers—they’re fellow community members. Without them, we wouldn’t be the company we are.

It’s this respect for our clients that motivates us to use only the finest products and materials. We have experience with the industry’s leading artificial turf companies, having installed such brands as:

  • Pet Zen Garden Premium
  • LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass
  • iCustomRug Synthetic
  • Synturfmats Artificial Grass Carpet Rug
  • …and more!

Rest assured, we only work with the best products. Our roll-out lawns are fitted with drainage holes, are stain resistant, mildew resistant, UV-stabilized, and more!

Are you curious about artificial turf costs? Call us to speak with one of our representatives!

Artificial Grass Maintenance in Gilbert

Installing your artificial turf isn’t where our job ends. After we’ve finished installing the lawn, we will give you a crash-course on artificial turf maintenance. We’ll let you know what activities are suitable for your lawn, how often you should clean it, and the products you can use to do so.

Are you looking to say goodbye to your delicate and uncooperative lawn? Contact us today to request our services!